Space Rock

by Alec Splatt

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The second album from Alec Splatt. This album is very experimental and really has no running theme, instead it runs away with its self. Fun and playful. Some sweet melodies! Whoop


released January 1, 2005

This album was written for Lucie 'Lubot' Fitzpatrick for being an amazing through thick and thin.
Thanks to Jester for the vocals on Krama Tuae Tua even you didnt know I used them.



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Alec Splatt Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Lovin'
Today, take a stroll through home
See the river flow through the living room
Where my pictures hang and the windows show
Your dreaming, the reflection shows your dreaming.
Lovin' aint just when I see you.

And then, I am at your door
See the people fight through your bedroom window
Where our pictures hang and the eyes are glowing.
Your dreaming, the reflection shows your dreaming.
Lovin' aint just when I see you.
Track Name: Nano Man
Well I am sure its more than the old man had when he was a young man, nano man he never will grow up.
Track Name: Dog Sausage
How do you feel, that the world isn't real, thats just the feeling when you dying
What do you get when you mix all the words in the bible? Its just the sum of its parts.
What did you dog say to the duck? Oh its dark in our hut, can we open the window?
I like the shade of you.
Now I bet you feel a whole lot better now that your breathing and your feeling like your brain is in your body.
I like the shade of you.
Fooling you psyche.
Track Name: Beyond Scutum-Crux
Three months faster than the speed of light.
Track Name: Krama Tua Tuae
I'm gonna be whcking it off, right there baby.
Track Name: Hoocut Toot
Watch the entrances
Hold your entities.
Missed the train back to the singularity.
Look at the triangles
Hoocut Toot Triangles
Track Name: Judge Dread
Build a new power tower on a vast ract of waste land and drilling down extract the planets energy to fuel the megalopolis.
Its a standard execution.
Neutorious activist, they locked him up 12 years ago obviously not for long enough. Its coming for you dread. Your gonna get what you deserve to get.
Track Name: Sunny Juice
Hey mister, come here. If you stare at something long enough do you get to imagining things? No not really.
Crouch down, pick up your bucket of stones as you travel to the feild by the shop. Make a mural out of pebbles and rock. Hold your nose at the observant crows.
Oh dear. What do you fear? Petrefied by a flashing light, light?